Great event that we experienced today in La Perla Guadalajara, Gran Giro Guadalajara @comude.gdl @electrolitoficial 😮‍💨🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🔥 where more than 1,200 cyclists met to travel 75 and 150 kilometers throughout Guadalajara.

🚨 A fully controlled event from start to finish, a large number of police/traffic on motorcycles and trucks guarding the platoons and leading groups.
🚲 Fixed bike exhibition and the BMX kids @somosbmxmexico who left everything on the ramp, incredible.
💥 Impressive closing of the 75km group.

💫 Closing of great teamwork by @teampetrolike leading Luis Alonso Rodriguez @yuyumx to win the crown for the second time in this race 🏆
🚴🏻‍♀️ Yareli Salazar @yarelisalazarv making it clear why she is selected nationally and Olympically for Tokyo2020, taking first place and arriving firmly in the peloton.
🤯 Impeccable organizational, worthy of a great event that you MUST participate in next year, whether you are a novice, intermediate, advanced or even just a spectator, write it down in your reminders because you won't regret it.

👏🏼 Congratulations on this brag-worthy event @comude.gdl @ciclismo.mexico

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