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The countdown begins, in a few weeks you will experience one of the moments that will leave the greatest mark on your life. In which for 42 KM you will take your body and mind to the extreme, with a simple purpose: to reach the goal.

You've already taken your first steps: sign up and train; As we know your great effort, we want to share with you some relevant points that Andrea Ra, " Deadly Athlete ", (SmatchMe ambassador, 4x Ironman and 2x UltraTrail Runner 100km) recommends from athlete to athlete so that your performance in the marathon is impeccable.

  • Check your heart (to prevent any medical discomfort during or after the marathon, it is important to have a prior check-up in which heart diseases can be ruled out, as well as to measure cholesterol and glucose levels. This way, you, your family and friends will be calmer during your participation. If you haven't done so yet, you have time to check yourself out.)

  • Examine the route (mentally it helps to know the route as well as the altimetry so that you have an idea of ​​the distance you have traveled and what is left according to the reference points that you indicate prior to the competition.)

  • Do not experiment (it is common that due to the excitement of the event you want to wear a brand new t-shirt, tennis shoes, lycras, etc. Do not do it, wearing new clothes will cause chafing on your skin, which is why it is advisable to train days before with the clothes and accessories with which you You will run that same day to avoid any setbacks and discomfort.)

  • Nutrition + Training = Success (to have a healthy balance, a good diet and exercise are recommended. This applies in the same way to a marathon. Months before your competition, you need to prepare your body with sufficient energy through the recommended foods. by your nutritionist, as well as with the appropriate routine designed according to your aptitudes and abilities.)

  • Unload your body (to avoid injuries it is important to go to physical therapy for at least 4 months every 2 weeks, this is because when you exercise a lot your muscles contract, which can hurt your knees, calves, etc.)

  • Continuous hydration (using a hydration belt will save you time, since you will not have to stop at each hydration point, plus at some points it is likely that when you pass there will no longer be supplies due to the demand of the event.)

  • Enjoy it to the fullest (remember that not everyone dares to take on this great challenge, you are already there, have fun and connect with your mind so that you enjoy every kilometer until you reach the finish line.)

If you have any additional questions regarding how to improve your performance in the marathon, you can consult directly with Andrea Ra on SmatchMe: @atletamortal Instagram: @ Atletamortal or Facebook: Atletamortal

Download here: the SmatchMe app with the recommendation of Atletamortal.

These tips are with an athlete-to-athlete approach, take them as such. If you need specific information from a coach, nutritionist or sports doctor, please contact the relevant specialists.

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